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Mike McCaffrey: Haydn Seek, Pt. 1

May 28, 2016

I started this podcast to hear and share stories and expertise, people's unique musical experiences, whatever they might be. It's generally expertise or experience, but in speaking to Mike McCaffrey about Haydn, it seems he has both. Listening to him talk about the composer whose music (and history) he has a special affinity for, you’d be excused for imagining he grew up with the composer, or lived next door to him, or at least shook his hand. He speaks as if from experience, but that experience is not having spoken with the composer. Rather, it’s a passion to come to “find Haydn,” as he says, and I came across his blog (a treasure trove of information) in my own attempt to do exactly that. We chatted for hours, and today’s episode is the first part in my own discovery of this fascinating composer. 

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