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Mike McCaffrey: Haydn Seek, Part 2

October 1, 2016

In the second part of my conversation with Haydn expert Mike McCaffrey, we speak about Mike's own interest in Haydn and why he decided to focus on the Classical era. We get to know more about the composer as a human and entertainer, and Mike makes a great argument for the importance of performances on period instruments, something that I had until recently made a point to avoid. 

“Haydn was an entertainer first and foremost. That’s what he cared about. ‘How are people going to react to this music? I want them to be amused, I want them to enjoy it, and if they’re not going to enjoy it I‘m not going to write it.’”
Knowing more about the person and the choices and the situations behind the music can go a long way towards appreciating it and hearing in it something you might not have otherwise. Enjoy. 
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