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Lisa Casal-Galietta: A (Red) Door to Classical Music

December 16, 2016

Lisa Casal-Galietta is artistic director of the Red Door Chamber players in NY, USA. Social media and classical music might seem an unlikely pairing, but for Red Door, it's all part of the job. They're a welcoming, friendly group of talented musicians dedicated not only to making wonderful music, but to making sure as many people as possible enjoy it. To that end, they're breaking down some of the obstacles that people might have to discovering classical concerts, and that's why they're the first in a series I'll be doing on how ensembles and organizations are reaching people who might not think they'll love classical music. The Red Door Chamber Players make great ambassadors for this cause. Enjoy. 
Find them at, or on Facebook. The featured music in this episode is Dvorak's 'American' 12th string quartet, from Podcast recorded using Zencastr. 

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