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Katelyn Bouska: Illuminating Ištvan

September 16, 2016

Imagine yourself, a young talented pianist, on a trip to Europe digging for what are arguably your own musical roots, and being handed manuscripts of sonatas that have never been published, some never even performed, much less recorded, and coming from a very dark time in the history of a certain part of the world... imagine that feeling, that sense of responsibility, that connection.
And now meet Dr. Katelyn Bouska. She tells me that the works of Czech composer Miloslav Ištvan have occupied a pretty significant place in her life over the past year, and that she foresees that they will continue to do so. She came across Štěpán Filípek, Ph.D, one of the founding members of the Miloslav Ištvan Quartet, and he was able to get her the scores that we speak about. 
I had the wonderful opportunity to have a sneak peak of sorts at her recital she gave of the pieces in April, and I am very eager to get my hands on a more portable format of these works because they are absolutely stunning. In this episode, we speak about how she came across Miloslav Ištvan, his background, what makes his work special, and what it's like to be the first person to bring these incredible pieces to people's attention. It's a conversation I was thrilled and privileged to have, and this is only the first part of it. I'm looking forward to sharing more, and cannot wait until you guys get to hear this music for yourselves. Stay tuned, and go listen!
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