The Fugue for Thought Podcast

Jess Wyatt: A Viola Player Speaks, Pt. 1

March 20, 2016

Violist Jess Wyatt joins us in this first of two episodes speaking about the viola and more. Find her links at the bottom of this description. 

I'm not sure Jess would describe herself as such, but aside from being a violist, violinist and cellist as well as a teacher, I'd describe her above all as an ambassador for the viola. What's in the repertoire? What's Jess working on? In this first of two episodes, we speak about the charms of chamber music, Shostakovich, York Bowen, Eddie McGuire, viola concertos, Berlioz and Harold, recitals and a master class. Stay tuned for part two of our conversation, where we chat about the differences among violas as well as horrifying viola surgery and what it takes to get the instrument on planes. 

Find Jess Wyatt at A Viola Player Writes or on Facebook. Her friends the Cambridge Violin Makers are on Facebook as well. Go like them both!

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