The Fugue for Thought Podcast

In Memoriam: Paul Zukofsky

June 14, 2017

1943/10/22 - 2017/06/06

I make no presumptions that I was even an associate of American violinist Paul Zukofsky. If he even recognized my name, he'd probably roll his eyes, but I was priveleged to have the chance to exchange emails with him over the period of a few years, and to pick his brain about many things. I learned of his passing only hours ago. He had told me many months ago, apologetically, that he was very unwell, and would have to politely decline any further correspondence. He was 73 years old. 





The music featured in this episode is Li Mei performing Bach's Violin Sonata in Gm, available from I can be found as fugueforthought on almost all social media, as well as at

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