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Carmine Miranda: Schumann’s Sentimental Cipher

May 15, 2016

featuring cellist Carmine Miranda
Carmine Miranda has plenty to say in defense of a work he is passionate about and knows intimately. His newest recording, of the Schumann and Dvorak cello concerti, is available for pre-order to be released on June 10, 2016. I was eager to look into this project of his, a discussion of a misunderstood piece which apparently contains a hidden program that runs through the entire work.
I was kindly offered a listen to Miranda's recording of the two works, and I must say, despite at least a tinge of skepticism, I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly, both the Dvorak and the Schumann. They are memorably fantastic. But there's more to it than just a virtuosic, crystal-clear recording. Could it be that the vast majority of people have misunderstood or ignored this work for some 166 years, and that some determined digging could show the seemingly-idiosyncratic work to be a masterpiece we hadn't recognized? That was intriguing, and in this week's (belated) episode, I talk about that very thing with an outstandingly knowledgeable and passionate cellist.
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