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Bob Lord: For the Record(ings)

October 15, 2016

The record industry is dying, right? And people have stopped caring about classical music right? And what actually is 'classical music'?  Bob Lord is CEO of PARMA recordings and a collection of other labels, recording and producing a wide variety of music. He's also bassist of his band Dreadnaught.
What's the role of the recording in making new (or old) music happen? What should we be calling 'classical music'? And also how does a progressive rock bassist of an "experimental rock trio" find himself not only listening to but producing classical music? It's all very interesting. His discussion of 'entry points' into classical music is something I think most people can identify with, having more in common, or understanding more about, Stravinsky or Bartok than Bach or even Mozart. In our discussion, Mr. Lord speaks of his own musical background, how he came around to appreciating classical music, where it's going, what role the recording plays in presenting and preserving new music, and even the importance of failure. Go listen, and check out PARMA and their upcoming releases. 

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